New project in India

New project in India

Photo Anno Huidekoper

New outreach project 

In 20 years we gave children life changing help by just giving that foundation needed to enable them to grow in the way they wanted. That project was in the city.

In a new project on a new location, in a slum area in Bangalore and outside Bangalore, we will start in the same way we started 20 years ago. Children, at the moment young adults, from the previous project will be involved in this project.

We will need a MINIBUS/ VAN and salaries for a few core members of our team to be able to reach out to children, starting with small activities in 0which we get to know the children and then help them in their future life by providing education in English and after school care. Important is that this new project will have a strong foundation on local support.

Only for the start up we will use money from abroad and then we will faze out that help and rely on local donors as we’re doing already in the last 7 years.0

A new OUTREACH project in slums and rural area outside Bangalore.