Have you also been deeply moved by the thousands of dead children in Gaza or the thousands of deported children in Ukraine?

There is so much to do and we can’t do everything on our own. We would like to be in touch with small organizations like ours, in all different countries and cultures, who are helping children to cope with all the local challenges and dangers.

Through the website we want to highlight their activities and support them in every way we can. Next to giving attention to the new Toe to Heart project in India, which will be carried forward by Indians and local contributors, we also want to highlight and contribute in to small projects in other countries and cultures like Brazil (South America), the Netherlands (Europe), Burkina Faso (Africa), etc. Go now to Material And Immaterial Aid | Toe To Heart (

Thomas van Berckel of Toe to Heart visited in July 2023 the project Estrela de Favela in Rio de Janeiro.