Santosh, Diya and Vishal, children currently helped by Toe to Heart.

Suman (studying and also working for Toe to Heart) hopes to drive a vehicle soon to help us to start with our outreach activities. For these we need a vehicle to reach out to children in need. Benefits we get out of our products will go to this cause. 

Toe to heartHow Toe to Heart started! 

Above you see an illustration from Barbara de Giorgio Freelance Illustrator in the Netherlands – Barbara De Giorgio and some of the pictures made by Marouschka and Anno Huidekoper in 2024 in Bangalore. They’re volunteers who helped and are still helping Toe to Heart with their art, professionalism and creativity. We are allowed to use their work to promote our cause. Together with you as (corporate) partner we want to develop products (which could be sold or used in a different way). It could be calendars, T-shirts, anything which will also increase the visibility of your (corporate) organization. Contact us if you’re interested to develop these products with us. 

In the past also photos, books and craft work produced by us and our friends have been developed and sold to the benefit of Toe to Heart. You can see all below. 

New products

Past products